TriAngle Training Workout Cards


triangle training cardBrazil Butt Lift comes with lots of extras, like TriAngle Training Workout cards. These cards include step-by-step instructions complete with photos to illustrate Leandro’s signature butt lift moves. Use the TriAngle Workout cards to Lift, Shape, and Firm YOUR butt!

Leandro’s TriAngle training exercises will work all three of your gluteal muscles from different angles. His method is a triple-threat blast to your booty that will firm and lift it! These TriAngle Training cards are easy to take along whenever you need a quick booty pick-me-up.

About TriAngle Training Cards

You get 12 cards with 12 different moves. Each card contains information on both sides. The front side of each card includes:

  • Photos of a model progressing through an exercise.
  • Get Ready: description of the starting position.
  • Go! Step-by-step on how to do the exercise.

The back side of each card includes Leandro’s tips for the exercise shown on the front side of the card. He also provides information about what area the exercise targets with an illustration of the target area.

The Brazil Butt Lift Workout cards includes effective exercises like Kneeling Leg Lift, Samba Tornado, and Side Lunge Knee Ups. Leandro’s amazing exercises target your gluteus, shape the sides of your thighs, and challenge your balance – forcing you to engage your abdominals.

TriAngle Training Cards are a nice little bonus for your booty makeover kit!


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